Friday, October 31, 2014

Don’t Be a Wallflower – Make a Wall-Tree Instead!

I love this tree because it is 3D AND you can make it from used paper.

 If you have brown or black paper that you have used for a bulletin board background or for anything else, it can be repurposed for this tree. Because the paper gets twisted it doesn’t matter if it is wrinkled or messed up a little. You can even upcycle the brown packing paper that some companies stuff their boxes with to make this tree.

I also like using a tree to decorate with because it can be used for any season. In the Fall you can decorate it and theme it as seen in the picture. You could even alter it by adding large acorns using the phrase “We Are Nuts for Jesus.” You could also focus more on the pumpkins and do something like “God’s Pumpkin Patch.”

In the Winter remove the leaves and add fiber fill on the branches for snow, with lots of snowflakes on the wall. Possible themes include:  “There Is Snowplace Like Sunday School.” Or “Jesus Loves You Snow Much.”

When Spring arrives, get rid of that snow! Add flowers, birds, butterflies, kites, raindrops, buds on the tree or green leaves, anything Spring-like.  You could even make it a flowering tree if you are really ambitious. Scrunch up little squares of different shades of pink or purple tissue paper for the flowers. Spring trees can be themed:  “Grow In God’s Grace” or “Jesus Makes All Things Grow” or “Spring Into Sunday School.” 

A summer tree will be laden with green leaves and apples on a sunny background. Some theme ideas for summer are, “Summer Sunday School is TREEmendous” or “Sunday School in Summer is Is Apple-Solutely Fun”

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