Friday, October 31, 2014

Classroom Upgrade

Our children’s ministry is located in the 1940s wing of our church facility. Needless to say, it is old. It needed a big overhaul, but not everyone was ready for that. Since I WAS, I began with my own class room.

Before Picture: space hogging cabinet and bulletin board removed

The first thing I did was to strip the room down. There was a huge bulletin board and a chalk board. I wanted the walls free so I could do whatever I wanted. I also took down the bookshelves and wall brackets.

The bulletin and chalk boards were glued to the wall, so it was a big job to take them off. Then

our resident contractor filled the holes with Spackle and primed the wall. Now it was time to choose the colors. I chose colors that popped and that both boys and girls would like. Actually, someone offered me 2 cans of leftover paint and the blue matched the color I had chosen for the new flannel boards!

Next on my list was to get rid of the space-hogging cupboard you see in the top left corner of the first picture. You can read about the Pinterest project (magnetic board with wire baskets for art supplies) that replaced the cupboard here. That gave me six extra square feet of floor space

The blue felt I used matches the wall on the far side of the room (the lighting makes it look off, but the boards are really the color of the wall below). The felt boards are another DIY project. Instructions are here.

Wall opposite felt boards. Paint matches boards. I use this wall to make different scenes for Bible stories.

Throne Room

This is the same wall, transformed into a throne room with the aid of some curtain rods I installed near the ceiling. This is great for creating different atmospheres in the room, like the throne room pictured above, or the hillside where the shepherds were watching their sheep when Christ was born.

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