Friday, October 31, 2014


KidFrugal is a blog all about making ministry happen when there are no resources to make it happen. It is about doing it anyway, because with God nothing is impossible. It is about doing children’s ministry when you do not have enough workers, money, building space or even kids. It is about making children’s ministry happen in churches with limited resources because we have a God with unlimited resources. I hope to equip you with ideas we have used, and more importantly, to get you
thinking outside of the box so that you can experience the joy of what God can do with what you have (or don’t have). This is a blog about being a David in a Goliath world.

Three years ago, we had two families in our church with 3 children young enough to be in our kid’s ministry. Today we only have two children young enough from within our church family, but we have twelve children enrolled in the program. We are still small, but the ministry is vibrant, and these children from unchurched homes are there because they want to be. What happened? That is what I hope to share with you through this Kidfrugal blog. Won’t you join me as we journey together each week to help children’s ministry thrive on a small church budget?