Monday, July 16, 2018

Pentecost DIY Pins

This was a fun, simple craft for the kids to make for Pentecost Sunday and yet it had a big impact. After a lesson about Pentecost, we made these lapel pins from craft foam.

I made some cardstock templates. The older kids helped trace. Adult helpers cut. Younger kids peeled the sticky back off of the fun foam and placed the yellow flame on the red ones. Some pins had 2 flames, and some 3.

After Sunday School, the kids handed these out to the adults and teens in the service. We left the covering on the sticky back and let the adults peel it off. We weren't able to make enough for everyone in one Sunday, but we had enough for over half of the congregation. It was like looking out over a sea of flames. This small craft made a big impact visually. Next year we will start making them the Sunday before Pentecost.

I like that it created an intergenerational link between the children and the rest of the church.

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