Tuesday, January 31, 2017

6 Ways You Can Use Canva in Minstry

KidFrugal exists to help equip and resource those in the small church children's ministry. This post is to introduce you to a great resource that is FREE. It's called Canva.

Canva helps you design beautiful graphics and it can make you look really good. They have tons of tutorials to help you get started. Once you learn your way around Canva, I think you will find it very useful. I first learned of Canva from a podcast called "Oh So Pinteresting" by Cynthia Sanchez. (You can find her blog and material under Tailwinds now.) Canva enables me to make my blog graphic the correct size for pinning. But it does a lot more...here are just 6 ways you can use it.

1. I use Canva for most of the lead pictures on my blog posts:

2. You can make graphics for your church Facebook page like this one:

3. Make bulletin covers:

4. Brochures:

Front of tri-fold brochure for mission's conference.

Tri-fold brochure I am still working on for our kidmin. This is the inside.

5. Thank you note cards:

6. I even used one of their templates to make our Christmas newsletter this year. I did a tri-fold brochure and this was the cover:

And this was the inside (good thing my family doesn't usually read this blog!):

There are a lot of other things I use it for in the ministry and in life in general. So grab yourself a free account today and get started. 

Please note that I am not employed by Canva, and I receive no compensation from them. This post was initiated on my own, and all of the graphics were created by me on Canva using some of their templates, their fonts, and other design tools they offer. The photos are my own with the exception of the sub sandwich and black and white city scene.

I actually like this graphic better, but it isn't the right size for pinning, so I am sticking it at the bottom of the post: 

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