Thursday, March 17, 2016

DIY Set for Interactive Bible Story: Samson

An Occupational Therapist once bragged to me of the creativity of the people in her business. I don’t doubt her, OT’s work to help people with limitations adapt to a normal lifestyle. Anyone that works within limitations to achieve things has to resort to creativeness. That makes kidmins
some of the most creative people on earth! We have to find ways to bring our ideas to fruition with the limited resources of time, money and manpower.

So, when I wanted to let the kids experience Samson bringing the temple down, I scavenged the church for my equipment. To be fair, I knew we had these cardboard pillars, we use to hold up some of the poinsettias at Christmas. I was pretty sure they had seen enough use that my pastor/husband would let me “borrow” them for Sunday School.

The problem was, we only had 2, and they weren’t tall enough to be temple pillars. So I found 2 stands of almost equal height to put them on. Adding a few sheets of cardboard to one made them equal. And I have learned that when kids are having fun, they don’t really care whether we create the effect with Disney precision or not.

For added drama, I put all the cardboard blocks that we had in the cardboard tray on top of the pillars. This really gave the feel of the whole building coming down around Samson when the kids pushed the pillars down.

We happened to have a large piece of cardboard laying around which I used to make the roof. You could always get a refrigerator box and use one of its sides to make the roof.

Cost for this re-enactment? Zero dollars! 

Here is a short video of the re-enactment by one of our kids.

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