Sunday, February 15, 2015

Writing on the Wall, Part 2

Here are the directions for making a few more of the props I used when we did the Bible lesson from Daniel 5 about the writing on the wall.

Golden goblets:

  • I bought dollar store plastic wine glasses. I also found these gold star plates there.

  •   You can use gold spray paint to turn the plastic wine glasses into golden goblets.

  • You have to have something to eat at your banquet. We used Little Debbie’s (who doesn’t like Little Debbie’s?) You could be more authentic and use grapes, which they probably would have eaten at a banquet back then.

  • We drank lemonade out of regular clear plastic glasses until the “king” shouted for the golden goblets to be brought in. (We never drank out of the gold cups, just hoisted them up and pretended to. That way we could do the whole scene over and over while everyone had a turn to be “king.”)

Hand on the Wall

  • Stuff a clear food service glove with cotton batting.
  • Cut off the arm of a white shirt. I used a sweatshirt because it was stretchy.
  • Use white tape (duct or adhesive or anything white) to attach the glove to the sleeve.
  • Stuff more batting into the sleeve.
  • Tape the hand on the wall by the “writing.”
  • The instructions for making the purple curtains are in a previous blog.
  • The rest of the instructions for this activity are in my blog, Writing on the Wall, Part 1


Bring in a cloth tablecloth for your banquet table – it will make it seem more special.
Check out my Pinterest board on Daniel for more ideas for teaching.

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