Saturday, December 6, 2014

Writing on the Wall Magic Window

Here is a cool craft we made for the story of the writing on the wall in Daniel. The drawing of King Belshazzar is by Jesus Rolon from his site, Crafting the Word of God. I revised his drawing in order to make it into a magic window craft. You can find the original picture here.

Magic window crafts have been around for a long time. They are a great way to illustrate any story with change in it. I first saw them used years ago as a VBS craft to illustrate regeneration through faith in Jesus. The picture changed from black and white to full color as you pulled it out of the frame. 

The secret is that there is a second picture hidden behind the back of the frame. The top picture is printed on a transparency. When you pull the picture out to the right, the “hidden” picture behind the frame is exposed under the transparency, revealing something new or changed. In this case, the writing on the wall.

Angela Howard at Bible Class Creations has an excellent video on how to make magic windows. I got my inspiration for this window from her instructions. Here is her written tutorial.

In this craft, when the picture of King Belshazzar is pulled out of the frame, a hand and the writing on the wall appears.
For this craft you need:
letter size manila file folders
cream colored card stock
overhead transparencies for copiers
permanent magic markers
copier (or printer – if using printer, make sure it can print transparencies)

  1.   Trim off the outer edge of the file folder (where the tab is) so that it is eve
  2. With the folder closed, cut the folder in half from folded side over to open side
  3. On ONE side of each half folder cut a window opening 7”x 4 ½”. Be sure you only cut through one layer.
  4. Copy or print transparency PDF onto the transparency
  5. Cut the transparency in ½ so you have 2 magic windows
  6. Copy or print card-stock PDF onto cardstock paper
  7.  Cut the cardstock and transparency in half so that you now have 2 copies of each.
  8. Take one transparency and place it over one cardstock picture. Line it up and then tape the right hand side together.
  9.  I like to tape the folder along the bottom and top edges too. You leave the narrow right hand edge open.  This makes a “pocket.
  10.  Slide the transparency into the pocket, leaving the cardstock outside of the pocket. It should go behind the folder. Then you slowly pull the transparency/cardstock out of the folder and the writing on the wall will magically appear.

A picture is worth a thousand words. If you have trouble understanding this, watch the video.

Once the window is assembled, children can use the permanent markers to color the transparency. Some of our children colored the letters on the cardstock in too. Colored pencil works best for that.

 Here are the two PDF's for this craft (they are embedded above in the instructions as well.)

transparency PDF
card-stock PDF

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