What is KidFrugal?

KidFrugal is a blog all about making ministry happen when there are no resources to make it happen. It is about doing it anyway, because with God nothing is impossible. It is about doing children’s ministry when you do not have enough workers, money, building space or even kids. It is about making children’s ministry happen in churches with limited resources because we have a God with unlimited resources. I hope to equip you with ideas we have used, and more importantly, to get you thinking outside of the box so that you can experience the joy of what God can do with what you have (or don’t have). This is a blog about being a David in a Goliath world.


  1. I really needed to read this. Yesterday, I only had one child in Children's Church. I taught as if the room were full. Our resources are limited and, obviously, so is my audience. I keep thinking, though, "What if the Lord used this one child to spread His Gospel in a mighty way?!" So I continue to teach....

    1. I am so glad that this was encouraging to you. It is very challenging to teach with such small numbers. The key is to be sure God wants you to do it, and do it for him. And yes, you never know the impact you can make through one person. Hope you can find some other help in some of these posts, like the "I Quit!" one and "Finding Stability." They may be under the leadership label on the right.

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  3. Hello Joan,

    I'm Max from Kidz Rock University. I have lots of Free Resources as well as so much to offer to those churches on a very small budget. I would love to send you some of my lessons / Bible Stories. I rely on Word of Mouth advertising as I'm retired, have no payroll and a tiny budget. You can learn more about me on my new website: https://kidzrockuniversity.com. You can also email me at writingforkidz@yahoo.com or call me at 623-218-3656. Hope to hear from you soon. Max