Monday, September 27, 2021

Pirate Themed Trunk & Treat

Shiver me timbers and batton down the hatch, it's trunk and treat time and have we got a theme for you. Be sure to check the video out at the bottom so you can see everything.

Suggested items:

  • gold spray paint
  • brown packing paper (the kind that comes in all those boxes you get in the mail)
  • gold plastic table clothes
  • burlap
  • 1" or thicker wooden dowel
  • plastic beads
  • old crates
  • chests
  • lanterns
  • trunks
  • a fog machine
  • old sheets
  • poles (you could make ship masts with them)

  The treat bags:

I made a treasure map that showed the way to Jesus. I ended up using the one on the bottom because I thought it conveyed the message of how to have a relationship with Jesus more clearly.

I printed the bottom picture on labels and then attached them to the treat bags and filled the bags.


Gold Coins

I purchased a one inch thick dowel. A friend cut it into 1/4 to 1/2 inch thick circles and spray painted them gold.

Other ideas

The "trunk" that the treat bags went into.

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