Friday, March 23, 2018

Saul Sees the Light

This post includes a drama for acting out the events of Acts 9 and an activity for helping children to understand how God's word acts like a "light" to help us see the path we should walk on. The two can be used separately, I just happened to use the lesson for Operation Arctic which paired Psalm 119:105 with the story.

Disclaimer: KidFrugal primarily helps the small church. The activities in this post will work best with less than 20 children. You can pull it off with as few as 3 or 4 children if you use adults.

As always, tell the story first. I made 11x17 flashcards to tell the story. Since my printer can only print 9 x 11 paper, you will notice that there are two flashcards for each picture. After you print them, you will have to tape them together to make the 11 x 17 flashcard (approximate size). I used pictures from two different story sets on Free Bible Images in order to get all of the pictures I needed. The picture set I made fits with the drama script below. Here are the flashcards.

If you want to store these flashcards instructions are in this post.

Then we acted out the drama that I wrote.

Click here for the drama script
If you chose to use Psalm 119:105 with this story, I designed an activity to help children understand how God's word is like a flashlight to help us see things that could otherwise cause us to stumble and sin.

Instructions for the flashlight walk are here.

Below is a short video to demonstrate how we did this activity.

Psalm 119:105 from Joan Eppehimer on Vimeo.

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