Saturday, August 19, 2017

Building Through Bowling

An important aspect of children's ministry is spending time with the kids outside of church. We took our Sunday School kids bowling over spring break.

Why are times like this important? Kids need adults in their lives - and 60 minutes on a Sunday morning or Wednesday night is not enough.

Spending time with children outside of church helps you to get to know them better, and it helps them to get to know some adults better. Studies show that kids who connect with 5 adults in the church other than their own parents are more likely to stay in church when they grow up. George Barna found as few as one adult could make that difference if they had a close personal relationship with a child in the church. It is a chance for us to be faith influencers.

So how is this extra time so powerful with the kids? Well, they just might see you doing something like I did in the video below when we took them bowling. They loved it! It made me "real" to them. Be willing to laugh with the kids, and even at yourself when the situation presents itself.

Want to hear more? Read Melissa J. MacDonald's book, Missing. It was one of Melissa's seminars that inspired us to plan this event.

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