Sunday, January 29, 2017

Feeding Elijah - The Widow

I used the story-telling method for part 2. Lifeway has an excellent blog on Bible storytelling that includes 6 steps of preparation for telling the story.

I acted out parts of the story as I told it, and then had 2 props I brought out at the appropriate time.

You always know when you have engaged your kids when they start to question things from the story. They wanted to know if you could really make bread with just oil and flour. I googled it, and sure enough, you can. Click here for the recipe. You have to add water too, but we know that the widow had access to water, because she was willing to get that for Elijah.

There was a lot of good application from this story. Here are some of the questions I used to help them think about the truths:

  1. How much oil did the widow have?
  2. How much flour did she have?
  3. Elijah's instructions in verse 13 are very specific. What does he tell the widow she is to do first?
  4. Why do you think he didn't say she could feed herself first? (We discussed that he wanted her to trust God to provide for her, if she fed herself first, she wouldn't really be trusting him. We talked about putting others before ourselves.)
  5. How did it take faith to make Elijah's bread first? (We looked at little flour and oil was in the jars and discussed how much bread could be made with that amount.)
  6. Who said the bowl would not run out of flour?
  7. How long did God say the flour and oil would last?
  8. How is this proving God is God? (Provision, his control over the elements. We discussed that he did not make a whole bunch of flour and oil - there was always just enough to make the bread - the amount in the vessels never changed.)

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