Wednesday, March 23, 2016

DIY Ice Cave

Remember that church with the camel kneeling on its platform? Well I was there last week and the first thing they said to me was, “Come and see our ice cave!” They even have the nerve to open the window in the winter time to make it feel like an ice cave.

So how do you make an ice cave? Plastic tablecloths and
bubble wrap. Two of my favorite go-to supplies in children’s ministry.

This is a pretty straight forward project. You just slice up the bottom of tablecloths and bubble wrap like in the picture above.

Hanging it may prove to be a little tricky. They taped it to the metal in their drop down ceiling at first, but it fell down. 

If you look closely at the above picture, you will see that they ended up “sewing” it to the metal supports in the ceiling. If you aren't into sewing, there are all sorts of tricks for hanging things from ceilings.

If you have suspended ceilings try these:

  1. Use white thumb tacks and pin stuff right to the tiles.
  2. Use binder clips to attach stuff to the metal supports.
  3. Or you can sew with fish line as in the picture.
For solid ceilings, 3M Command strips are your best friend. 

The icicle on the left is rolled up silver foil.

They also had a light on the floor for added effect.

Pretty simple, and not a lot of money. That’s my kind of project. This church reuses VBS programs for their midweek program. They get 10 weeks out of a 5-day VBS.

How do you make an ice cave fell like an ice cave? You open the window in the winter time. This works especially well if you live in western New York state.

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