Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Easy Peasy DIY Donkey Costume

This is a really simple way to make a donkey costume. The credit goes to Angela Howard. I saw this idea on her blog, Bible Class Creations.

Since I am not much of an artist, I decided
to print my donkey head. Even drawing a simple outline is a challenge for me. I found a donkey picture online that was in the public domain.

I "tiled" it to print it in a large enough size to make the head. You can see where I taped it together in the photo below.

Next, I made a slit in my box to insert the donkey "head." I also slit the inserted part of the donkey's head so that it would stay in position when inserted.
 You can see better how I folded back the 2 slit halves of the inserted tab for the donkey head in the picture below.
 Here is a view from above to see how the donkey costume works. You can add string or rope so that it can suspend from a child's shoulders, or they can just hold it up as shown below.


Just holding up the donkey costume.

From the Bible Class Creations Blog. Costume with rope to hold up the donkey.