Friday, January 1, 2016

Bringing Down the Walls of Jericho

I love it when I can reuse things in children’s ministry. This week I re-purposed the river prop that we used for crossing the Jordan River in last week’s lesson.

Last week the river lay flat until the priests stepped in the water. Then a helper pulled the water up into the air until it stood up, just like a wall of water. Click here for
the instructions to make the basic "drawbridge" type of prop that I used for both of these dramas.

This week I took off the blue plastic and covered the cardboard with stone paper. Then the stone wall stood up straight until the 7th time of marching around it.  On the 7th day when we all gave a shout and blew our ram’s horns. Then the wall fell down flat.

I could have made this a lot more intricate, say with four walls instead of one. What I love about children’s ministry, though, is that the kids were quite happy with this one simple wall. After church today, one of the boys dragged my adult daughter downstairs and made her act out the whole story, marching around the full number of times, while he narrated and dropped the wall at the final moment. 

I love it when kids are engaged in the Bible story.

Want to make the ram's horns that the kids are using? The instructions are In my DIY Ram's Horn Tutorial - click here for the link.


  1. I absolutely LOVE this idea! Just found your site and really appreciate all that you share from your ministry!

  2. Thank you Chris! Your words are very encouraging. My whole purpose was to resource others. Glad it is helping.