Sunday, October 18, 2015

Pilgrim Bowling

Bowling pins from paper towel rolls made to look like pilgrims.

Warning:  These pins are very
labor intensive to make. We had our youth group help.


  • 10 rolls of paper towels (the skinnier the roll, the better – they will knock over more easily)
  • 12”x18” Black, tan, and brown construction paper (you can piece it together like I did with two pieces of 9”x12” paper)
  • Yellow construction or copier paper (any size)
  • White copier paper (11” x 17” for hat bands and 8 ½ x 11” for vests)
  • Red and black marker
  • Glue
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Template for white vest (included)
  • Template for hat brim (included)
  • Optional: paper fringe cutter

  1. Run off and cut out ten vests on white paper using vest template.
  2. If you have 12”x 18” black construction paper, set aside 10 pieces for the body. If you have the smaller size paper, glue them together to make 10 12” x 18” pieces.
  3. Cut 10: 5” x 18” black pieces for hat
  4. Cut 10: 4 ½ ” x 18” tan pieces for faces
  5. Cut 10: 4 ½ ” x 18” brown pieces for the hair
  6. Cut 10: 1” x 18” strips of white paper for hat band
  7. Cut 10 yellow buckles for hat band (approximately 2” high and 1 ½ “ wide)
  8. Line up the top of the tan paper with the top of the 12” x 18” black paper. Glue it.  In the picture I offset the tan paper when I glued it to the black. Not sure why I did that.
  9. w

    Piecing together the Pilgrims

  10. Glue the white “vest” onto the black bottom as shown in picture (only you can line everything up in the middle of the black paper).
     11. Draw the face on the tan paper above the vest.
     12. Hair:

Hair Fringe & hat brim

  • Cut a center section out of the brown 4 ½ x 18” strip so the face to can be seen. About 3” high and 4” wide.
  • Fringe the paper by cutting slits up the side of the brown paper, but not all the way through. Of course you will not fringe the narrow center section that goes above the face. If you are fortunate enough to have access to a Martha Stewart Fringe Cutter, this will save some time. After you fringe the hair, you can roll the ends around a pencil so that they curl.
  • Glue the hair on with the 4”x3” opening over the face.
   13.  Hat -
  • Glue the 5” x 18” black piece for the hat on overlapping the hair by almost an inch.
  • Take the whole piece now and wrap it around the paper towel roll. Glue or tape it in place.
   14.  Hat Brim:
  • Use this template to cut out 10 brims from the black construction paper.
  • Fringe the INNER circle with tiny ¼  to ½ “ cuts as shown in picture. (See the picture above right for detail.) This will allow it to slip on snugly over the towel roll. Slide this circle down over the roll to the bottom of the hat.
  • Glue the yellow buckle to the center of the white strip. Wrap this around the hat and tape or glue in place.

Congratulate yourself if you actually did this. Then finish the other 9.

Pilgrim Pins after a tough afternoon of bowling.





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