Monday, March 16, 2015

Eggcellent Eggcouragement for Helpers at Easter
Easter is almost upon us. How are you going to appreciate your workers?

I have an “eggcellent” idea to share with you. Even though this is really corny, my staff flipped
over it. I never got as many thank you’s for appreciation gifts as I did with this one.

First off, you need to print the label you see in the picture. You can find it on the Kidology website here. You can download it with their free basic membership which is found on this link

I bought small cellophane Easter bags at the dollar store. I filled 3 plastic Easter eggs with candy and put them in a bag. Then I tied each bag shut with pretty ribbon and punched a hole in the “eggthusiastically eggspressing” cards so I could tie them on. 

My helpers just loved the note. Easter hats off to Sara Bastian, the creator of the note, for her creativity. 

Looking for other seasonal ways to “eggspress” your appreciation for your workers? Check out these Christmas and Valentine’s Day trees with gifts on them.

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