Monday, February 2, 2015

Feeding Our Fears to the Lions

The idea for this Daniel activity came from the messy church blog. My talented coworker looked at their picture and then made this cool lion mailbox for me.

She found a relatively square corrugated box about 11” X 11” X 9”. She covered the front with tan
felt and lined the fold-down flap of the lion’s mouth with pink paper. 

The mane is made from some fake furry material she had picked up knowing it would be useful for something. I have looked online, and fun fur was the closest I could come to this.

The ears are felt and paper; whiskers are two different sized pipe cleaners. A fatter pipe cleaner is bent to form the outer whiskers, and a thinner one forms the inner two. You can buy the animal eyes and noses online or in most chain craft stores. The teeth are made from tan paper.

We used the mailbox with our “Daniel and the Lion’s Den” unit. One of the main points of the unit was learning to depend on God to help us with things we are afraid of. Children wrote down things that they were afraid of on file cards, and then fed their fears to the lion. By putting their fears in his mouth they were giving those fears to God. The lion “ate” their fears. I shut his mouth when they were done, because God had taken away our fears.

I am not sure anyone overcame their fears, but it was good practice to try to learn to trust God with fears, and everyone enjoyed feeding the lion. 

Hmm, our lion looks like Troy Polamalu from behind.

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